T1 - TAU Projektai

Multifunctional centre


Tauralaukio st. 1, KlaipÄ—da
Historical past. The territory of the current Tauralaukis residential district in Klaipėda has a rich historical past. The first tavern was founded nearby, next to the River Dangė. Also the so-called „golden path“ has formed throught the area where fishermen chariots pulled by horses traveled from Plateliai towards the seaside for the fishing season. Later, a mansion was built, whose remnants are still visible today. XVIII-XIX centuries was the time of prosperity for the Little Tauralaukis. Queen Elizabeth of Prussia spent holidays here and lived for some time. Townspeople with sailboats and barges came here from Memel for weekend picnics.


The Renaissance of Tauralaukis began after 2000. The territory of the former Tauralaukis Collective farm was connected to the city. The state returned the land to the former owner of the estate (Gert Baltzer). Business showed interest in this acquisition, opportunities and prospects. Then the planning and design work has started for „Dvaras valley“ (10 hectars), later the district „Ringelis“ (10 hectares), followed by a dwelling district of 30 hectares in the former greenhouse area.


 From the very beginning, when designing these areas, we saw the huge need for social and commercial objects, but this investment was not very apealing for business. Nevertheless, the developer of “Dvaras Valley” was persuaded to devote at least one commercial plot. Though the plot was formed, but has been abandoned for 10 years. In 2012 fellow architects designed a shop with several outdoor tennis courts on this site and around 2016 it was built. Maybe it’s not necessary to go deep into the architectural concept of the realised building as it was more the consequences and misunderstandings of economic crisis of the 2008. But now it’s not quite clear why an economy-class store found place next to a financially-capable population?
It is 2017 and what to do next? Business again poses natural questions – how to racionalize the use the site, what could be done here, what scale of construction would it turn into?
Now, the commercial plot of 1 hactare is poorly absorbed, and the need for a wide range of services, entertainment, active rest, childcare, etc. is evident.


The concept. A proposal was prepared with a condition to preserve the existing building and ensure that its activities do not cease during construction. The concept of the proposal is to create an ICON: to put the „sarcophagus“ on the existing structure – the pyramid, hiding the existing volumes and giving the entire complex a modern, unified and complete architectural expression. It is planned to create an additional 5000 m2 for various new functions: a children’s day center, a modern sports complex with a representative entrance, a lobby with reception, a cafe, a hair salon, a shoe repair and other services. Also small office spaces are intended – these are workplaces for people living near by. An inner courtyard is being formulated for the existing shop, also intended for a small marketplace. In the western part, a new semi-open parking is planned. Part of the premises could also serve the needs of the local community.


 Site‘s adjacency. A particular attention is paid to the adjacency of the object. It is suggested that the crossings at KlaipÄ—da and Tauralaukio street intersections would be arranged, the object should be “connected” to the emerging bicycle path along the River Dange. Moreover, the relation with the Dange River recreation area and the intended boat dock are analyzed. It is suggested to equip children’s playgrounds and sports grounds on the north side of the site, in the common area.


 By carefully implementing these ideas, Tauralaukis would finally become a fully-fledged and independent part of the city.